Brad Reylek is a native of La Mesa Ca., a small town in San Diego County. At a young age he became interested in photography. He was introduced to the Super 8 movie camera which he used to make videos of his brother surfing the local beaches. In high school he took a photography class which set him on his path towards becoming a professional photographer. During high school he met a local professional photographer and became his assistant for 2 years. While working with the photographer he shot thousands of rolls of slide film. He was also involved in developing the film and printing the shots. From this process, he began to understand exposure and working with natural light.
He shot local concerts and began shooting nature. After years of using film cameras, the first digital cameras were introduced to the public, and it was at this time that he switched to digital media. He has moved up to professional lenses and bodies. Always shooting Cannon cameras, and also using Mamiya 645.
His work is currently being sold at the San Diego Maritime museum. He also donates time to local charitable organizations shooting their corporate and fundraising events. He has also had his work published in professional trade magazines. His work has been accepted two consecutive years into the San Diego County Fair. He has worked at several public events, taking photos in La Jolla and various locations across San Diego. He also shoots portraits, and utilizes San Diego’s buildings and historic sites in his work. He has used his knowledge to also use video cameras on assignment. Brad is also proficient in Photoshop, and edits all of his own photos, as well as printing his photos. He maintains a professional website which showcases his work. With over 35 years of experience, his knowledge sets him apart from many of the artists currently working in the field of photography.